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About us

Company Overview

Established in 1995, Gulf Eastern Group (GEG) has been pursuing the highest standards for cleaning and maintenance services. We have comprehensive services for hygienic and sanitized maintenance of your spaces. GEG is engineered to sustain a healthier environment and ecosystem.

Since inception, we have been consistently delivering quality Services for pest control, oil & sewage vacuum cleaning, hood & duct exhaust, general cleaning, garbage containers cleaning , surface cleaning, vehicle & equipment rental and total solutions for commercial and residential customers.

GEG has been certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Consistency in quality and results driven processes aid us in maintaining our integrity in the market.

We employ innovative techniques coupled with leading edge technologies to give you a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable space. Our team adheres to the highest standards for cleaning and maintenance of any property.

GEG customizes its services to suit your unique requirements with a detailed inspection of the location. We build on a strategic, well thought plan and the final service is delivered to ensure complete overhaul of the site in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Gulf Eastern Group ensures that a customized service delivery is in place to ensure comprehensive cleaning and prevent future problems.

Company Profile & Strategy

Process (ICE):-

  • Inspection
    • Firstly, we thoroughly inspect the location. Our team will look into the structure and every corner of the place to accurately identify potential areas of contamination.
  • Consultation
    • We then submit a consultation for the client to understand the service requirements for cleaning and future protection.
  • Execution
    • The service execution begins with a customized plan and our technicians will treat each point in detail. Our strategy is not only to eliminate current infections and dirt but also to ensure future protection along with tips for the client for long term maintenance.

Gulf Eastern Company is a group of high-performance and professional brands dedicated towards each service. The company’s key strategy is to deliver excellent service while complying with the highest international standards and be able to offer the best cleaning services in Kuwait. We are building on resources, equipment and a professional team who work to deliver the best for any client.

Pest Control, sewage cleaning and general cleaning could be challenging tasks for any organization. This can be expensive and time consuming and they still will not be satisfied with the results. Gulf Eastern Company aims to create an umbrella for all professional cleaning services to save time and energy for organizations

GEG offers cost effective solutions that empowers business in creating healthy and clean spaces. Be it an industrial setup or a home, we help you get a cleaner, sustainable and hygienic environment.


To be a leader in Cleaning, Pest Control and Maintenance Solutions by offering cost effective and reliable services to the clients. We aim to employ best of technology and equipment along with a professional team to deliver Best-in-Class Solutions.


To create and execute International global standards in cleaning, sewage, sanitization and pest control services in Kuwait. To maintain and deliver international operational expertise for cleaning service for residential and commercial spaces.

Our Group (Group & Brands)

  • Guardex – Pest Eliminator
  • Exdrain – Sewage Cleaning Services
  • Big Wheels – Vehicle & Equipment Rentals
  • California Comclean – General Cleaning Services
  • Garduct – Hood and Duct exhaust cleaning

Our Team / Organizational Structure

Gulf Eastern Company is a team of leaders and skilled professionals who are eager to execute quality services for the clients. We invest in hiring and retaining the best talent to create competitive edge for us.